Exhibit On Superior
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Map & Directions

At Superior and Wells you’re close to everything; from art galleries and boutiques to spas and sushi joints.
You live in this city for a reason. Exhibit lets you make the most of it.
You’re nestled in the heart of the city’s original gallery district, so maybe you’ll go gallery hopping on Friday night. Or maybe you’ll stay in; sipping cocktails and enjoying tasty nibbles from Eggy's Diner - a local lifestyle cafe located right off the lobby while overlooking the sculpture garden.
Want to venture further? Some of the best restaurants this town has to offer, whether it’s brunch at Yolk, tapas at CafĂ© Iberico, or a romantic dinner at Boarding House or GT Prime, are right around the corner.
We mean that literally.  
By the way, you’re also part of Magellan Rewards. Take advantage: You’ll get discounts at a variety of restaurants, hotels, in-home services and more.