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Floor Plans

Of course, the smart living at Exhibit on Superior extends to your private living space too. Living here is all about creating a complete lifestyle that lets you be you while efficiently using your time and space how you want.
Less clutter. Less “stuff”. More time. More freedom.
With all the finishes, amenities, and features you expect from the best downtown Chicago apartments, your home at Exhibit is the perfect retreat welcoming you back to unwind and recharge after a busy day.
There’s plenty of choice too. We offer studios, convertibles, 1-, 2-, and 3-bedroom apartments so take your pick. No matter your choice you’ll have keyless entry, driftwood plank flooring throughout, in-unit washers and dryers, private balconies, and individually controlled heating and air conditioning. And did we mention you can even use your smartphone to open your door?
Choosing the simplicity of smart living does not mean sacrificing beauty as you will see in our kitchens. With stainless steel Energy Star appliances, subway tiled backsplashes, quartz countertops, under mount sinks and contemporary dark wood cabinets you might find yourself inspired to tackle a new recipe or try the latest meal subscription box.

In addition to the rent, tenant shall be responsible for an additional monthly Utility & Service Amenity fee which includes the cost of heating, air conditioning, water, natural gas for cooking, and natural gas for the operation of the clothes dryer.

Exhibit on Superior's policy of continual attention to design and construction requires that all specific designs, plans, specifications, sizes, features, dimensions, materials, and prices are subject to change without notice. Rooms, dimension and square-footage are only approximations and are subject to change without notice. 

Move-In Date

Layout Floor Plan Bed / Bath Sq.Ft Monthly Rent Deposit Availability
Floor PlanStudio 03 Bed/BathStudio / 1 484Square feet Monthly Rent$1,796 -to $1,866 Deposit

Floor PlanJr. Convertible 05 Bed/BathStudio / 1 450Square feet Monthly Rent$1,801 -to $1,871 Deposit

Floor PlanJr. Convertible 03 Bed/BathStudio / 1 456Square feet Monthly Rent$1,875 -to $1,905 Deposit

Floor PlanJr. Convertible 10 Bed/BathStudio / 1 478Square feet Monthly Rent$1,812 -to $1,892 Deposit

Floor PlanJr. Convertible 08 Bed/BathStudio / 1 478Square feet Monthly Rent$1,898 -to $1,928 Deposit

Floor PlanConvertible 02 Bed/BathStudio / 1 554Square feet Monthly Rent$2,083 -to $2,163 Deposit

Layout Floor Plan Bed / Bath Sq.Ft Monthly Rent Deposit Availability
Floor PlanOne Bedroom 07D Bed/Bath1 / 1 630Square feet Monthly Rent$2,419 Deposit

Floor PlanOne Bedroom 07A Bed/Bath1 / 1 665Square feet Monthly Rent$2,268 -to $2,298 Deposit

Floor PlanOne Bedroom 02 Bed/Bath1 / 1 628Square feet Monthly Rent$2,380 Deposit

Floor PlanOne Bedroom 06B Bed/Bath1 / 1 619Square feet Monthly Rent$2,396 Deposit

Floor PlanOne Bedroom 07C Bed/Bath1 / 1 672Square feet Monthly Rent$2,331 -to $2,351 Deposit

Floor PlanOne Bedroom 08A Bed/Bath1 / 1 645Square feet Monthly Rent$2,296 -to $2,356 Deposit

Floor PlanOne Bedroom 05 Bed/Bath1 / 1 669Square feet Monthly Rent$2,342 -to $2,372 Deposit

Floor PlanOne Bedroom 03 Bed/Bath1 / 1 656Square feet Monthly Rent$2,486 Deposit

Floor PlanOne Bedroom 08B Bed/Bath1 / 1 647Square feet Monthly Rent$2,356 -to $2,376 Deposit

Floor PlanOne Bedroom 06A Bed/Bath1 / 1 651Square feet Monthly Rent$2,376 -to $2,416 Deposit

Floor PlanOne Bedroom 01 Bed/Bath1 / 1 768Square feet Monthly Rent$2,911 Deposit

Layout Floor Plan Bed / Bath Sq.Ft Monthly Rent Deposit Availability
Floor PlanTwo Bedroom 05 Bed/Bath2 / 1 821Square feet Monthly RentCall for Details Deposit

Floor PlanTwo Bedroom 06A Bed/Bath2 / 1 776Square feet Monthly Rent$2,787 -to $2,817 Deposit

Floor PlanTwo Bedroom 09A Bed/Bath2 / 1 779Square feet Monthly Rent$2,882 -to $2,962 Deposit

Floor PlanTwo Bedroom 06B Bed/Bath2 / 1 769Square feet Monthly Rent$2,915 -to $2,965 Deposit

Floor PlanTwo Bedroom 04A Bed/Bath2 / 1 767Square feet Monthly Rent$2,961 -to $3,001 Deposit

Floor PlanTwo Bedroom 07 Bed/Bath2 / 1 779Square feet Monthly Rent$2,960 -to $3,000 Deposit

Floor PlanTwo Bedroom 01A Bed/Bath2 / 2 899Square feet Monthly Rent$3,271 -to $3,351 Deposit

Floor PlanTwo Bedroom 10 Bed/Bath2 / 2 935Square feet Monthly Rent$3,375 Deposit

Floor PlanTwo Bedroom 09B Bed/Bath2 / 2 929Square feet Monthly Rent$3,484 Deposit

Floor PlanTwo Bedroom 01B Bed/Bath2 / 2 1135Square feet Monthly Rent$4,302 Deposit

Floor PlanTwo Bedroom 08 Bed/Bath2 / 2 1003Square feet Monthly Rent$3,761 Deposit

Floor PlanTwo Bedroom 04C Bed/Bath2 / 2 1026Square feet Monthly RentCall for Details Deposit

Floor PlanTwo Bedroom 04D Bed/Bath2 / 2 1052Square feet Monthly Rent$3,987 Deposit

Floor PlanTwo Bedroom 04B Bed/Bath2 / 2 1079Square feet Monthly Rent$4,089 Deposit

Floor PlanTwo Bedroom + Den 04 Bed/Bath2 / 2 983Square feet Monthly Rent$3,803 -to $3,973 Deposit

Layout Floor Plan Bed / Bath Sq.Ft Monthly Rent Deposit Availability
Floor PlanThree Bedroom 01 Bed/Bath3 / 3 1455Square feet Monthly Rent$5,805 -to $5,845 Deposit

Floor PlanThree Bedroom 02 Bed/Bath3 / 3 1528Square feet Monthly Rent$5,959 -to $5,999 Deposit

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